Is he the one… to take home to Mom and Dad?

Blessed by this post, written by Holly Wagner . For all woman, you MUST READ! Enjoy.

One of the most important decisions we will ever make is whom we ultimately marry.  Who we choose as a spouse will affect us much more than a career choice or schooling or even our friendships.  With that in mind, how do we know whom to get serious with?  What qualities should we look for in someone we’ll be bringing home to meet mom and dad?
1. A man who is a committed follower of Jesus.  This is number one on the list for a reason!  Make sure to invest in a relationship with someone who has a sincere and genuine faith in Jesus!  Their relationship with Jesus should inspire and encourage you in yours!
We’re not just talking about someone who calls himself a Christian, but someone who consistently makes choices that honor God and His plans for his life.
Remember, you will never have to forfeit the call of God on your life in order to marry someone.  You will never have to compromise your relationship with Jesus in order to invest in a dating relationship.  And you never even have to entertain the thought of dating someone that doesn’t have the same faith in Jesus you have!
2. A man who knows how to communicate honor and respect.  Look for someone who considers your desires and feelings before making decisions.  He should demonstrate honor towards you and others in how treats those around him, and how he talks to and about others.
Someone who really respects you will honor the purposes of God in your life!  They will support you and encourage you to pursue wholeheartedly the great plans God has for you, and won’t be intimidated by the dreams in your heart for your future!
3. A man who is protective about you and your feelings.  He should be considerate of you, and do his best to care and support you.  Under pressure he should be able to demonstrate an ability to look out for you.  This means that he conducts his dating relationship with you in a way that is protective of your emotions and your relationship with Jesus.  He should date you in such a way that it doesn’t jeopardize you, your family life, your friendships, and most importantly, your relationship with Jesus.
4. A man who serves others.  In today’s culture, it is pretty easy to become self-focused.  Make sure to partner with someone who can see beyond his own needs, and help bring solution to others’ needs.  Is he serving in your local church?  Is he quick to help out you and his friends?  Is he generous with his time and his resources?  Great marriages are developed when both husband and wife are committed to serving each other.  Look for someone who is actively serving others now.
5. A man with vision.  He should have direction for his life, and a strong desire to make a real difference in the world.  A lot of people have dreams for their future, but the man you are dating should have more than a dream…  He should be taking real steps in life towards those dreams!  Ultimately, you want to be in a serious relationship with a man who is passionately and ambitiously pursuing God’s will for his life!

3 thoughts on “Is he the one… to take home to Mom and Dad?

  1. Uwoow!! Perlu d sebar luaskan yahh oii..
    Biar kandidat pada berdatangaannn hehehehehe

    Thankiuu ud post artikelnya 😀

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